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  • Legal services

    At Kvatro, our goal is to provide professional legal advice and representation that is flexible towards the special needs of our customers. Our experts specialize in real estate law and the first consultation is free of charge for our clients.

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  • Accounting

    Our accounting service gives our clients a detailed overview of their facility's accounting records and up-to-date financial data. We set up a bookkeeping system that meets the needs of your property and monitor all information for top performance.

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  • Technical maintenance and repair

    We take care of the regular technical maintenance and planned repairs of your facility. Frequent inspections enable us to pinpoint problems early on and thereby keep costs low for you. While designing repairs, we take into account your personal needs. 

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  • Maintenance

    Our maintenance team offers a wide range of solutions for different environments. We use only professional and natural cleaning products. Our qualified and fully-trained personnel makes sure our clients' needs are met to the fullest extent possible.

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  • Management service

    At Kvatro, we focus on the professional and flexible management service of residential and commercial real estate buildings in Estonia. Every building is overseen by a qualified property management agent who will help you find the best plan for the management of your facility.

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